Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Little piglets and pretty flowers.

These first 2 months of Grace's life have just flown past. Where does the time go? Tomorrow she has to get her injections, and I'm not looking forward to it. I tried to convince Dan that he should take her, since I went through it all with the other three, but he didn't seem at all convinced. She has a blocked up nose at the moment. We have all been suffering with sore throats and threatening colds, so I guess she has caught it too. Her cry sounds a bit hoarse. Last night I got no sleep because she was snoring like a little piglet! She kept snorting and frightening herself! Poor thing. Her breathing sounds very snorty and snuffly, but she's such a good little thing and never complains.

Right now her biggest brother Jimmie is holding her on the sofa and he has just told me "I wish she could stay like this forever. I don't want her to grow up!" The kids are all starting to bond with her even more now that she smiles and reacts to them.

Jimmie and Annabelle are off this week for half term. Barney has one more day of school before he is off too. I went to his parent teacher interview on Monday and spoke to his teacher. As I expected he is doing just fine at school. She says he is settling in well and making friends. She told me she was very touched when Barney told her that he loved her! So sweet.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when a parcel of flowers arrived in the post for me! Dan was a bit bemused about who might be sending me flowers though! hehe. As it turned out, they were from my lovely friends C and C who decided to cheer me up after a certain situation that I had to go to the police about. The flowers made me cry at first, but then every time I looked at them I remember that I do indeed have some very special friends, and I am a very lucky lady.

Here are some photo's from week 8 of Grace's life...

This is Grace wearing the snowsuit that Neil bought her. Her legs don't go into the leg holes yet, so she's not actually as long as she looks in this photo!

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  1. I love reading your blog!! You have the sweetest family. ♥